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Updated July 9, 2014

"God made the cat in order to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger."

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An Overview of Diabella Loves Cats

Diabella Loves Cats This site celebrates one of life's treasures... the cat. Although it is based on cat rescue you'll find a huge Free Cat Graphics section, Cat Ecards, Cat Fantasy and Information. Here's a bit of what we have:

Vintage Dressed Cat Graphics:  Over 100 dressed cats.. but so much more.

Vintage Dressed Dog Graphics:   The counterpart to our Dressed Cat Graphics.

Animated Cat Ecards:   Send online or print for snail mail.

Visit Catland:  History of the Cat. Cat Legends, Fables and Folklore. Cat Facts.

Enter The Cat Cafe:  Fantasy meets reality via a nickelodeon that plays fantasy cat pages with music. A treat for all ages.

Attend The Cat Dance Theatre:   Animated dressed cats dance on stage. Another treat for all ages.

Custom Graphics:    Make your web site stand out with a Custom Banner Set.   Or let us put your pet in a fantasy photo frame.

Behind the Scenes:  Meet me and see photos and how-to's on decorating with antiques, jewelry design, and the fantasy dolls Esmerelda the Gypsy Cat and others.

Meet My Cats... and visit Dracula and Katzenberg at Rainbow Bridge.

Visit Rescue 1 and attend The Kings Highway Cat Rescue "Kitty Personals"

The Green ElfBefore we get to the site index, below are a few of our many Free Cat Graphics.

Cat: JezebellaCat: Jasmine cat blinkie Cat Alphabet   Cat Alphabet Beautiful witch and Cat
The Imagine This series
The Cast of Cats
Over 100 dressed cats
The Imagine This series
Big Bold Victorian
and Deco Cat Blinkies
Animation section
Cat Alphabets
The Imagine This series
Halloween Cat Graphics
Cat diva I smile because... Angel and Cat Dog: Jezebella Dog: Jasmine
Animation section
The Cat Divas
Calling Card section
World of the Cat- Pg 1
Animation section
Rainbow Bridge Graphics
The Cats Have Let The Dogs In...
so we now have
Dog Graphics

Free Memorial Tributes

Choose from two different tributes
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The Site Index

ONCE UPON A TIME in a far-away kingdom across the sea... felines reigned supreme. They dined royally on porterhouse steaks, were amused by court jesters and frolicked through the meadows chasing autumn leaves. Over the years, as society evolved, less importance was placed upon the cat.

This site is dedicated to all the strays of planet earth... and to Handsome, a 5 year-old 15 lb long-haired rugged rescued tux whose gentle manner crept into my heart.

Diabella's CatsDiabella's Rainbow Bridge cats
Kings Highway Cat Rescue Kitty Personals Attend Kings Highway Cat Rescue's gala event featuring Tophat and the mischievous Marvin Mouse as the cats make their debut via the Kitty Personals hoping to find homes. You'll laugh and cry as you read their stories. Your hostess, Fat Bella the tabby, is not aware that she is in for the surprise of her life! ... Apply for the KHCR Caring Heart Award.
The ACC The AC&C: Over 100 healthy cats are euthanized daily at the AC&C pound. Many are mommas and their nursing litters. Learn what you can do to stop these unnecessary deaths.
My Rescues My Rescues: Meet some of the cats I've rescued over the years. A collection of heartwarming mini stories and photos. 
 Cat Shelters Diabella's Yellow Pages of Online Shelters: Emphasis on no-kill shelters and rescue facilities. Includes sections on disabled pets and pets with special needs.
Red-Devil A shy but mischievous ball of fire. He is curious, full of life and likes to drag things around the house. He also adores seeing himself in mirrors. ... Apply for the Red-Devil Award.
Count Dracula A huge, long-haired, rugged tuxedo. Count Dracula is truly The Cat From Hell but he is loved and adored. ... Apply for Count Dracula's Double Fang Award.
Tropicana Naughty Tropicana fights with cookie jars. He also has strange litter box habits. He never steps inside the box! Although we warned him not to do this, he has invited you to watch while he does his business.
Katzenberg Memorial A beautiful storybook of Katzenberg's journey to Rainbow Bridge with angels, Rainbow Bridge Fairies, The Red Pixie, and The Keeper of Heaven's Gate. Fantasy? I'm not so sure. Believe, and all things shall come to pass.
Handsome Memorial Enter the heavens in the black of night for a farewell to Handsome. Meet Angel Ariella... Keeper of the Stars and the Moon Babies who watch over him. ... Apply for The Handsome Award, or the Keeper of the Stars Award. 
Catland History of the Cat. Cat Legends-Folklore-Fables. Cat Facts with surprising facts on fleas, catnip and much more. Want your cat to last forever? You won't forget the last fact!
The Cat Cafe Fantasy meets Reality: A nickelodeon that plays music... and cat pages.   Cat & the Fairy Forest, Can Cats Dance?, Esmerelda the Gypsy Cat and more. Meet kitty Alex who makes the nickelodeon buttons. A fun series for the young and young at heart.
The Cat Dance Theatre The Cat Dance Theatre: A must see series of 12 dances featuring animated dressed cats on a stage with music played by a cat band. The cats have rehearsed for weeks. Be sure to turn your speakers up.
Cat welfare Animal Welfare: Somewhere over the rainbow there lies a magic pot of gold filled with the last hope for earth's animals.
Vintage Cat Graphics Free Vividly Colorful Vintage Dressed Cat Graphics:  Cat Calling Cards with messages including Cat Welfare, Rainbow Bridge, and funny sayings... The Imagine This! series with over 100 dressed cats... Victorian/Deco cat care signs, holiday graphics, fortune teller and cat w/your zodiac sign, mermaids and cats, and big bold cat blinkies... Animations including 7 cat alphabets and Marvin Mouse... Free custom vintage pet memorial, and much more.
Vintage Dog Graphics Free Vintage Dressed Dog Graphics: The counterpart to our cat graphics. Dressed dog couples, Victoria's fashion show, holiday dogs, dog icons, dog blinkies, animated dog alphabets sized to use with our animated cat alphabets, Dog Calling Cards with messages and more.
About Diabella Meet me and learn about the motivation behind this site and my hobbies. See links to our pages with photos/how to's on collecting antiques on a budget, creating necklaces with vintage beads, and creating fantasy dolls. Includes Esmerelda the Gypsy Cat doll and her illustrated fairy tale.
Awards The 5 awards you can apply for.
Links and Credits The Best Cat Information Links: Anatomy. Life cycle. A-Z Directory of Diseases & Conditions. Behavioral problems. The case against declawing. Low cost spay neuter with surgical photos. Kittens. The senior cat and more.

From Diabella's Designs
Diabella's Red Witch e-cards Cat E-Cards: Birthday, Friendship, Romance, Thinking of You, Thank You, Congratulations, Get Well, Pet Loss, Sympathy, Just for Fun, Nasty Nellie and her Technicolor Cat, Inspirational, Holiday, Animal Welfare, and Hello E-cards. Send online or print for mailing. See the Red Witch and her cat in their daily routine.
Diabella's Designs Custom Web Graphics Custom Graphic Art for your Web Site: Affordable, colorful, unique, high quality web graphics. Great attention is paid to detail to create graphics that compliment your site. See some of our work.
Diabella's Designs Bannersets Custom Made 10 Pc. Banner Sets: Unique, vividly colorful 10 piece web page sets designed to capture the flavor of your site. Whimsical dressed cats or dogs with beautiful fantasy women. From main banner with your site name to matching award. See samples.
Diabella's Designs Pet Frames Pet Frame Graphics featuring your pet. We'll place your pet in a vintage fantasy photo frame for your web site. Fairy frames, angels, mermaids, Rainbow Bridge, holiday frames and more. You can also print the graphic for stationery and cards.

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