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Welcome to the Kings Highway Cat Rescue Kitty Personals

Fat Bella the tabby cat

But you've opened the wrong door!

This is the ladies dressing room! You want the "main" room. The kitties will make their debut in the "main" room.

Thought I had a few minutes left to oversee the final rehearsals, but it looks like the shelter opened early in anticipation of the crowd. Well, as long as you're already here, I suppose it's okay for you to take a quick look around and then I'll escort you to the main room.
Enter the door at King Highway Cat Rescue

Fat Bella the catDon't they look dazzling?

And they've all promised to mind their manners and put their best paws forward.
Kings Highway Cat Rescue Ladies Dressing room Cat rescue dressing room

cat: Fat Bella Oh, dear! I didn't introduce myself. I'm Bella. A beautiful queen size tabby with chocolate stripes and chubby cherub cheeks who just lives to eat.

Today's a big day around here. We've been redecorating the shelter and rehearsing for the kitty personals for months. Elaine, our President, imported that luxurious French red curtain for us to pose in front of, and one by one the kitties are getting groomed and prettied up to stand in front of it to meet you in the hopes of getting adopted. Hear the music? She even hired a band!

Once we get inside I'll take center stage and tell you a bit about us and the shelter we live in. And then, as soon as all of my roomies are ready, I'll call them up on the stage one by one and they'll introduce themselves to you via the long awaited "Kitty Personals."

Fat Bella the tabby cat Tell ya what. Since the mens dressing room is just next door, suppose it's ok to let you peek in there too.

The tux with the Elvis sneer is Brut. A real casanova, that Brut. Handsome as they come. But, if you ask me, he's trouble with a capital T. Listen! ... I think I hear the crowd!
Men's dressing room

Fat Bella the catTophat is looking for me. I'd better get in there. Dont want to keep the people waiting. The stage is to the right, folks. Right on the other side of that red curtain.

Getting so nervous that I'm gonna forget my opening line.

Let's see... it's "Welcome. We are Kings Highway Cat Rescue." No. It's "Welcome
to Kings Highway Cat Rescue." That's it! "Welcome to Kings Highway Cat Rescue." And then I'm supposed to smile.

Cat behind curtain

Fat Bella the catGee! The people are already seated!

I hope they will adopt some of our kitties.
audience and cat band for kitty personals

Fat Bell tabby cat The band just started to play.

That means it's time to make my entrance.
Cat musicians music bar

Fat Bella tabby cat Ready to attend The Kitty Personals?

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