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Marvin Mouse
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Introducing... Marvin Mouse

Are you looking for some animated mice or mouse graphics to jazz up your web pages? Then I'm glad you found me.

My name is Marvin Mouse, and as you can see from my resume, my reason for living is to tease cats.

Use one of my animated graphics along with one of the cat graphics from The Cast of Characters from the "Imagine This!" section so that I can have some fun. Or put me next to your own cat on your cat web page. That's even better!

Marvin Mouse jumps on toilet seat Marvin Mouse pulls fish out of toilet bowl Marvin Mouse in litter box Marvin Mouse passes gas to tease cat
Marvin Mouse jumping Marvin Mouse laughing Marvin Mouse: Hey, cat. Come get me. Marvin Mouse running
Marvin Mouse eating from can of cat food Marvin Mouse eats ice cream sundae Marvin Mouse with flashlight: Where's the cat? Marvin Mouse waves to himself in mirror
Marvin Mouse jumps rope Marvin Mouse smokes a cigarette Marvin Mouse talks to fish Fritz the cat watches Marvin Mouse sleeping in cat bed
Marvin Mouse scratches on scratching post Marvin Mouse with very strange man Marvin Mouse hides in the cat's toybox Killer the cat with Marvin Mouse with hammer
Marvin Mouse with bouquet of flowers Marvin Mouse jumps on vase of flowers Killer the cat is after Marvin Mouse Marvin Mouse on stove

Marvin Mouse Alphabet

The Cat Alphabets Are Here
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More Mice! Marvin's Friends and Relatives

mouse and umbrella mouse ballet dancer mouse bathing baby mice mouse smoking cigar mouse and accordian
mouse playing ball mouse dancing mouse clapping hands mouse with beware sign mouse with cheese sign mice play ball
mice jump rope devil mouse scared mouse runs Mouse icon: Boy mouse dancing Mouse icon: Girl mouse dancing
mouse with cheese mouse with cheese mouse - mousetrap mouse in striped t-shirt Dancing mouse Mouse icon: Dancing mouse and jukebox

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