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President of cat rescue and Brook We've created whimsical, colorful, dressed dog graphics for web pages. Calling cards with messages, animated alphabets, animated Rainbow Bridge, blinkies, signs, breed couples and more.

They were inspired by Brook, an abused puppy rescued by Elaine Avery, President of Kings Highway Cat Rescue.

We started doing fund-raising and public relations for them many years ago. Diabella Loves Cats began with a page for The Kings Highway Cat Rescue Kitty Personals. Over the years we've grown into a large cat site with a large Dressed Cat Graphics section. Now we've added Dog Graphics. Index is below.

Terms of Use

Animated dressed cat: Animated Officer Katz Our graphics are only for use on Personal Home Pages and Animal Welfare Sites. Don't use them for any other reason. Commercial sites, please email us for permission.
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Memorial Tribute - A Gift of Everlasting Love

Contact us with a name (and date if desired) and we'll create a free memorial tribute graphic for any pet who has crossed the bridge. Use the word "Tribute" in the subject line of your email and send the URL for your pet's page.

Our tribute banner must be placed on the same page as your tribute linked back to


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Memorial Tribute Graphic for pets

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Dog Graphics Index

There is A Menu at the Top Each Page. Dog Graphics Are Under The Menu.

Dog Calling Cards:   Pg 1 - World of the Dog

Dog Calling Cards:   Pg 2 - Women and Children

dogs    dog graphic

Calling cards with messages. Some have funny messages. Others have messages of welfare and good will.

Total Number of Images for Both Pages: 56

These are not Ecards. Our Red Witch Cat Ecards are here.

Cat Calling Cards
The Cast of Dogs
Dressed dog SuperDog fat dog

Dressed dogs including 25 character dogs.

At the left: Jezebella, SuperDog, Miss Tubbs.

Number of Images: 124

The Cast of Cats

Victoria's Vintage 60's Fashion Show

dressed dog dressed dog dressed dog

Savor the flavor of The 60's!

Victoria models groovy retro fashions: tee-shirts, lingerie, psychedelic dresses, disco/hippie tops, swim suits, jeans, jumpsuits, jewelry, gypsy skirts and other vintage clothing.

Number of Images: 55

Cat Fashion Show featuring Jasmine

Animated Dog Alphabets

Dog alphabet letterDog alphabet letterDog alphabet letter

Animated alphabets. Here you see Victoria, Fancy, and Jezebel.

Alphabets: 3

Mix them with our Animated Cat Alphabets
Corky the Dog Models his Tee-shirt Collection

dog wears tee shirt: I bite   dog wears Burger King tee shirt
Corky has all kinds of tee-shirts including funny ones and animal welfare ones. These two are his favorites.

Number of Images: 20

Cat Tee-shirt Graphics featuring Vanity

Dogs with Elves - Fairies - Fantasy Creatures - Animals - People

Elves offer dog cake    dog on antique dresser

Dogs with fantasy creatures and animals... and dogs at home with people and beautiful antique furniture.

Number of images: 33

Cat Version is split between 2 pages:
Cat fantasy page
Cats at home page
Dog Signs - Accessories - Dog Age Chart

Sign: Walk the dog       Box of dog bones

Page includes large colorful Age Chart with dressed dogs

Number of Images:

22 Signs
10 Accessories

Cat Signs
Cat Accessories
Animated Rainbow Bridge Dog Graphics

Rainbow Bridge car - Dogs
Rainbow Bridge Graphics including 20 beautiful angels.

Number of Images: 31

Rainbow Bridge Cat Graphics
Holiday Dog Graphics

Dog steals Christmas cookieHalloween characters and dog
Thanksgiving - Halloween - Christmas -Valentines Day - 4th of July - Birthday - Special Occasions

Number of Images: 59

Holiday Cat Graphics
Big Bold Colorful Dog Blinkies

dog blinkiedog blinkie
Page includes 32 holiday blinkies.

Number of Images: 53

Cat Blinkies
The Dog Breeds:   Dressed Dog Couples

Dressed Male ChihuahuaDog - Dressed Female Chihuahua
Left: Dressed male and female Chihuahuas.

Number of Images: 46
Animated:   Imagine if Dogs Did This!  

doggie holds Maycs and Petco shopping bags
Dogs imitating humans:

Shopping, sewing, washing clothes, making mischief, making wishes, on the phone, interacting with people and more.

Number of Images: 27

Cat Version
Animated:   Corky... The Dog Who Loves Phones  

Dressed Dog calls FBI to report cat

Corky is a naughty dog. When his human leaves the house and he is all alone he loves to make mischievous phone calls.

Number of Images: 20

Cat Version featuring Glamour-Puss
animated star Graphics are for personal and animal welfare web sites only. Do not use them for any other reason.
animated star Read Terms of Use before downloading. Commercial sites, please e-mail for permission.
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