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Animal Welfare: The Magic Pot of Gold

Animals aroung Magic Pot of Gold Somewhere over the very first rainbow which was painted from the green elf's palette when the world was born, there lies hidden away a magic pot of gold.

Created by the master planner to ensure the welfare of his creatures, and tucked there at the dawn of creation by The Good Fairy Freya, it is filled with the last hope for earth's animals. The pot, itself, is cast of the heaviest and finest of gold, and its airtight cover is ablaze with a king's ransom of sparkling rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

But what lies deep inside is even more valuable, for it contains a dust made of compassion, respect and love. Legend has it that when the pot is uncovered its dust is to be showered over the earth on the wings of the messenger Zephyr to produce a last chance for the planet's animals. It is written that the magic pot of gold can only be found if mankind is determined to work long enough and hard enough to find it.

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In a place long ago and far away animals roamed the land free from danger except for their natural predators, who in the chain of things, depended upon them for their own survival. Today, in many ways, man is clearly the most dangerous predator the animals have ever encountered.

Countless numbers of "pets" silently await their turn on death row because no-one wants them. Others live out their short, miserable lives in desperation on the cold harsh streets without ever having known the comfort of a full belly or a human hand.

Cats, dogs, primates and other creatures of the wild kingdom silently sit caged in laboratories awaiting a horrific made-made fate that God did not intend for them.

Humans commit murder in the name of fashion and sport.

Animals are burned, mutilated and terrorized by thrill seekers who receive very little punishment for their deeds.

More farm animals are slaughtered each year (10 billion now in the US) than all the other areas of animal abuse combined.

The Green Elf paints better future for animals Let's Paint a Better Tomorrow...

To save or better the life of just one animal is a triumph and a celebration. Happy endings don't just happen. They are a mixture of longing, determination and effort.

Today is the perfect time for a new beginning for all of God's creatures big and small. Together we can find that magic pot of gold. Together we can offer the animals a better tomorrow. There is much that we can do. Please help the animals and color their world safe.

The Green Elf paints better future for animals Spread the Word with our personalized animal welfare/animal rights ecards that you can email or print for snail mail, and meet the Red Witch who creates the cards.

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This is the Shelter Cat Fairy.

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