Dracula the cat and Dracula the Vampire

Warning About Count Dracula:

Enter quietly and at your own risk as this cat does not like company.

Dracula line

Count Dracula is truly The Cat From Hell. But he is loved and adored. After losing Handsome, I was intent on getting a cat that resembled him and placed an ad in the computer classifieds. The ad was answered by New Yorkers for Companion Animals who said they had the cat I was looking for.

I learned that an elderly woman had been put in a nursing home and that her landlord had thrown her 10 cats onto the street that very day. To make matters worse, neighbors reported that all of her cats went unfed and were badly abused due to her senility. NYCA was able to locate and rescue most of the cats. One of them was a large male tuxedo.

"Yes, he was a huge, rugged, long-haired male tuxedo" they assured me. They called him "Richard the Lionhearted." I was able to view his photo online. He was *exactly* what I was looking for. When I asked why his eyes were narrow slits they said that it was a bad photo. A day later,"Richard" was delivered to my office by the Director of NYCA. I peeked into the carrier and was overjoyed. He sure was big and regal.. and he had silky, long fur.

Left the office early and took him home in a taxi. As soon as we arrived home, I removed him from the carrier and that is when the growling began. Before I had a chance to wonder why he was growling, his fangs were embedded in my arm. He still bites and growls constantly and his eyes are still narrowed to slits most of the time. Why ? Because he is one angry cat. Count Dracula (as I named him) does not want to be cuddled... hence the growling and biting.

It has taken many years, and although his eyes are still two angry slits, Dracula has done a 99% turn-around. Happily, he has become my constant friend and companion. He is forever at my side purring away like mad and follows me from room to room so that I am never out of his sight. He enjoys sitting at the computer while I work, all the time keeping one paw on my hand as I move the mouse. So why do I say a "99%" turn-around? Because when I do something that he doesn't like, such as trying to comb knots from his long fur, he reverts to day one: He begins to growl, his eyes narrow even more, and then he sinks his fangs into me for the kill... all the while growling like there is no tomorrow.

The Count Dracula AwardEmail Count Dracula for his Double Fang Award. It is for sites that are well executed with interesting content.

Dracula on table

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