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It's showtime: Dressed cat dancers on stage with Musicians

C'mon guys! It's showtime!

We don't want to keep the divas waiting!

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Cat Dance #1 button  Skinny Minnie & Max: The Chicken Dance
Cat Dance #2 button  Roxie: The Moon and Sun Dance
Cat Dance #3 button  Jasmine: The Alley Cat Dance
Cat Dance #4 button  Snowflake & Mayor: The Feather Dance
Cat Dance #5 button  Jazzy: A Modern Ballet Dance
Cat Dance #6 button  Diablo: The Halloween Dance
Cat Dance Intermission button  Refreshments are now being served in the lounge
Cat Dance #7 button  Jezebella: The Honky Tonk Fan Dance Dance
Cat Dance #8 button  Jazzy: The Christmas Dance
Cat Dance #9  Roxie: The Happy Birthday Dance
Cat Dance #10 button  Roxie: A Disco Dance
Cat Dance #11 button  Jasmine & Mr.BoJangles: The Romance Dance
Cat Dance #12 button  Fatso: The Cake Dance
Finale button  Curtain call and message from cats

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