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Pet Frame Graphics Featuring Your Pet

We'll place your cat or dog in a Victorian or Art Deco Fantasy Frame, or on a Vintage Easel. In addition to using these graphics on your web pages you can print and use them for

Stationery and cards...
and other Crafts Projects

They also make unique gifts for friends and family. If "you" want to be framed, we can do that too.
Sample photo frame


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The Pet Photo Frames

Sizes of the frames will appear differently according to your browser resolution.
We've added our photos of our cats to 4 frames and 4 easels to show you how they look with a photo inside.

F-1: Vintage Rhinestone Necklace
shown with Katzenberg
F-2: Vintage Ethnic Silver Necklace
shown with Dracula
Sample photo frame Sample photo frame

F-3: Victorian Pewter Frame with Roses
shown with Dracula
F-4: Vintage Silver Filagree Frame
shown with Katzenberg at Rainbow Bridge
Sample photo frame Sample photo frame
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F-5: Rainbow Bridge F-6: Fairy King F-7: Queen of Hearts F-8: Angel of Love
Sample photo frame

Matching Gate in our
Free Cat Graphics
sample photo frame Sample photo frame Sample photo frame

F-9: Angel F-10: Angel Child F-11: Halloween Witch
Sample photo frame Sample photo frame Sample photo frame

F-12: Mermaids F-13: Fishbowl F-14: Jester F-15: Clown
Sample photo frame Sample photo frame
Matching Gate in our
Free Cat Graphics
Sample photo frame Sample photo frame

The Pet Easels

If desired, we'll add the artist of your choice to any easel graphic. For E-1, we added the red elf.
Sample easel  Sample easel Sample easel  Sample easel

E-1: Art Noveau Leaf Easel shown with Katzenberg and Rainbow Bridge Mat
elf Rainbow Bridge Frame
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The easel graphic above comes with fairy of your choice, and mat of your choice.

Here we used the Rainbow Bridge mat for Katzenberg.
Sample easel your pet's name

E-2: Art Deco Cat Easel
shown with Tropicana
E-3: Art Deco Country Easel
shown with Red-Devil
E-4: Forest Easel
shown with Dracula
Sample easel Sample easel Sample easel


$20 for any of the frames or easels with your pet's picture.

$15 each additional item if ordered at the same time.

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