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The Anatomy of the Cat

Poison Resources

Directory of Diseases & Conditions

Feline Medical Curiosities

Behavior Problems

The Case Against Declawing

Low Cost & Free Spay / Neuter


The Senior Cat

For the Sake of the Animals

Cat Stuff: A Few of the Many Fun Places to Visit on Our Site

Anatomy of the Cat

Don't miss this section. It is educational and interesting. We promise you'll walk away feeling very smart, and with a new understanding of your cat.
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Poison Resources

Poisonous Plants to Cats

Poisons and Substances Toxic to Cats - Click on each item that you want more information on.

ASPCA National Poison Control Center - Poison prevention, and what to do if your animal has been poisoned. For emergencies call 1-(888) 426-4435 24/7. A $65 consultation fee may be charged.

Pet Poison Helpline - List of poisons and emergency instructions. 855-764-7661 24 hours a day / $59 per incident fee applies.

Directory of Diseases and Conditions

Feline Medical Curiosities

Feline Medical Curiosities - Mutations in cats which have caused anomalies and deformaties of the toes, paws, claws, limbs, tail, duplicate ears, co-joined cats and more. The site was created as a resource for breeders, veterinarians and rescuers.

Caution Before Clicking On Each Listing: Some may find a few of the photos distressing.

Behavior Problems

Dressed cat


 Kitten - carriage

The Senior Cat

  senior caat

The Case Against Declawing

Declawing is outlawed in many countries because it is considered to be mutilation. "Cats represent a living, thinking, feeling, entity. How can we ever place their welfare on the same balance as that of our furniture. No one has the right to mutilate another for their own personal gain."
cat - Don't Declaw

Low Cost and Free Spay / Neuter

While you are reading this page, thousands of cats are being euthanized across the United States because no-one wants them and there isn't enough money for the shelters to care for them. Many of these cats once enjoyed a home and were someone's adored pet... just like yours. Become part of the solution. Spay and neuter your pets.

Cats in bed Spread the word about Spay / Neuter with our graphics.

Our graphics collection includes 43 colorful Spay/Neuter Cat Calling Cards for your web pages, such as the one at the left.

Please read the Terms of Use before taking anything.

For the Sake of the Animals


Cat Stuff: A Few of the Many Fun Places to Visit on Our Site

  • Can Cats Dance? - A page in our Cat Cafe. So cute that we had to include it here. See Katzenberg teach Glamour-Puss how to dance.

  • The Cat Cafe - Fantasy meets reality with a real nickelodeon that plays music... and cat pages. Series of 17 tiny pages.

  • The Cat Dance Theatre - Dressed cats from our Graphics perform 12 dances on a cat theatre stage. Don't miss the Intermission where love is in the air. Series of 14 tiny pages.

  • Diabella's Designs: Dressed Cat e-cards - Vividly colorful animated personalized cat e-cards in cat fairy forest holders for all occasions that you can also snail mail. Don't miss the Nasty Nellie and her Technicolor Cat cards on Page 5.

  • Diabella's Vintage Cat Graphics - Cats, cats with children and women, fantasy section, custom pet memorial image, and 50 web page sets including Rainbow Bridge and Cause/Welfare sets.

  • Diabella's Designs: Bannersets - Dress up your web pages with a Custom 10 piece Cat or Dog Banner Set.

  • Diabella's Designs: Pet Frames - Frame your pet in a fantasy frame graphic for your site. Great too for stationery, cards, crafts.

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Veronica the cat says

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mouse Wait! Don't go away yet!

If you've never visited Diabella Loves Cats you are one click away from a different kind of Cat Rescue site.

Some of the things you can do are:
Attend the Kings Highway Cat Rescue "Kitty Personals" as the kitties make their pleas for homes.

Visit my cats: Red-Devil, Tropicana and Count Dracula.

Enter the heavens in the black of night to meet Handsome and Angel Ariella, Keeper of the Stars.

Follow Katzenberg in his illustrated journey to Rainbow Bridge and meet The Rainbow Bridge Fairies.

Enter The Cat Cafe where fantasy meets reality via a series of educational and fantasy pages in a "real" nickelodeon.

Read Cat Poetry by Candlelight in The Cat Cafe on a page illuminated only by candles. Impossible? See for yourself.

Meet the Spay/Neuter Witch, The Evil Crow, The Green Elf, and the many Fairies who live here.

Visit our Free Vintage Cat Graphics section and pick up some unique Dressed Cat Graphics for your web pages.

Stop in to meet me and some of the cats I've rescued over the years in Rescue IV - My Rescues.

Apply for our Awards. You can see all 5 of them here.

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