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The Imagine This! Series

The Cast of Cats

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Index 1


The World of the Cat 1

The World of the Cat 2

Spay/Neuter Cards

Children and Women with Cats

Cat Calling Card Web Sets

Index 2


The Cast of Cats: 110 Dressed Cats that star in this series.arrow  You Are Here

Jasmine's Vintage 60's Fashion Show

Vanity the Cat Models Her Tee-shirt Collection

Cats with People and at Home with Antiques

Cats with Elves - Fairies- Fantasy Creatures - Animals

Victorian & Deco Funny Cat Signs and Cat Welfare Signs

Vintage Kitty Albums - Cat Accessories - Guardian Cat Fairies

The Holidays including Birthday and Special Occasions

Halloween: Cats with Witches and other Frightful Creatures

Signs of the Zodiac, Mermaids, and all that is Mystical

Blinkies: Big Bold Vintage Cat Blinkies

Joker the Cat and his Fantasy Masks

Index 3


Cats, Cats and More Cats

Cats, Cats, ... and Even More Cats

Marvin Mouse

The Cat Fairies

Animated Cat Alphabets

The Cat Divas

Rainbow Bridge, Angels, Heaven

Fantasy Gates:   Cats, Elves, Fairies, Holidays

Glamour-Puss, The Cat Who Loves Phones

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The dressed dog versions are in our Dog Graphics

Fun Ways to use the Cat Graphics of The "Imagine This" Series

The "Imagine This!" series has 12 pages. This first page features the individual cats.

Use a cat next to another cat, or next to a cat accessory, or next to a dog from our Dressed Dog Graphics
kitty litter Cat Cat: Jezebella Dog: Jezebella
Killer from this page and kitty litter from the Cat Accessories. Jezebella from this page and Jezebella from the Dog Graphics
Many of the cats are also in our Cat Calling Card and Animated Graphics sections. Some are also in other parts of our site, such as The Cat Dance Theatre and Red Witch Cat eCards .

The Female Cats

Cat: Jasmine Cat: Jezebella Cat: Ginger Cat: Slenderella Cat: Glamour-Puss Cat: Maybelline Cat: Ermine Cat: Emma
Cat Dance Theatre
Cat Dance Theatre
Ginger Slenderella Glamour-Puss Maybelline Ermine Emma

Cat: Cola Cat: Cleo Cat: Skinny Minnie Cat: Tootsie Cat: Sienna Cat: Revlon Cat: Roxie
Cola Cleo Skinny Minnie Tootsie Sienna Revlon Roxie
Cat Dance Theatre

Cat: Vanity Cat: Veronica Cat: Foxy Cat: Persia Cat: Gypsy Cat: Momma
I'm a Cat Diva
Veronica Foxy Persia Gypsy Momma

Cat: Esmerelda Cat: Fancy Cat: Ashley Cat: Buttercup Cat: Violet Cat: Mrs. BoJangles
A cat doll I created.
Her Adventure with King Kat
Fancy Ashley Buttercup Violet Mrs. BoJangles

Cat: Jazzy Cat: Chunky Cat: Snowflake Cat: Miss Tubbs Cat:  Brandy Cat: Penny
Cat Dance Theatre
Chunky Snowflake
Cat Dance Theatre
Miss Tubbs Brandy Penny

Cat: Missy Cat: Florie Cat: Slinky Cat: Peaches
Missy Florie Slinky Peaches

Cat: Elvira Cat: Ruby Cat: Chita
Elvira Ruby Chita

The Male Cats

Cat: Spiffy Cat: Mr. Wrong Cat:  Mr. Wrong Cat: James Cat:  Mr. Right Cat:  Rocky Cat: Brutus Cat: Killer
Spiffy Mr.Wrong Mr.Wrong #2 James Mr. Right Rocky Brutus Killer

Cat: Fenwick Cat: Buddy Cat: Mr. BoJangles Cat: Gabby Cat: Max Cat: Chester Cat: Fatso
Fenwick Buddy Mr. BoJangles
Cat Dance Theatre
Gabby Max
The Magic Ball
and Cat Dance Theatre
Chester Fatso
Cat Dance Theatre

Cat: Snazzy Cat: Brut Cat: Tux Cat: Bruno Cat: Cocoa Cat: Mayor Cat: Charles
Snazzy Brut Tux Bruno Cocoa Mayor Charles

Cat: Buster Cat: Sparky Cat: Desmond Cat: Romeo Cat: Homeless Harry Cat: Merlin Cat: George
Buster Sparky Desmond Romeo Homeless Harry Merlinv George

Cat: Blackie Cat: Joker Cat: Sweetie Cat: Dreamer Cat: Sleepy Cat: Kodak Cat: Fritz
Blackie Joker Sweetie Dreamer Sleepy Kodak Fritz

The Kittens

Cat: Rusty Cat: Little Lucy Cat: Little Louie Cat: Baby Cat: Rider
Rusty Little Lucy Little Louie Baby Rider

Cat: Carmen Cat: Little Tina Cat: Rosie Cat: Cupcake Cat: Sterling Cat: Dusty Cat: Jester
Carmen Little Tina Rosie Cupcake Sterling Dusty Jester

Character Cats

Cat: Diablo Cat: Lestat - Vampire Cat Cat: FrankenCat Cat: Chappy Cat: Puss 'n Boots Cat: Roman Gladiator
Cat Dance Theatre
the Vampire Cat
FrankenCat Happy Puss'n Boots Roman
the Gladiator

Her gate to the Land of Love
SuperCat WonderCat SantaClaws Cat: Seamstress
Cat:  Officer Katz
CupidCat SuperCat WonderCat SantaClaws The Seamstress Officer Katz

Cat: Brunhilda Cat: Angelina Cat: Nurse Jackie Cat: Doctor King Kat
King Kat meets Esmerelda the Gypsy Cat.
Brunhilda the Witch Angelina Nurse Jackie Doctor King Kat

Cat: Sword Dancer Cat: Fiddler on the Roof Cat Band
Sword Dancer Fiddler on the Roof Cat Band

Visit the Dressed Dog Graphics. Most of the dogs have the same names and costumes as the cats.

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