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Pg 1 - The World of the Cat 1

Pg 2 - The World of the Cat 2

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Pg 4 - Children and Women with Cats

Pg 5 - Cat Calling Card Web Sets

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Pg 1 - The Cast of Cats: 110 Dressed Cats that star in this series.

Pg 2 - Jasmine's Vintage 60's Fashion Show

Pg 3 - Cats with People and at Home with Antiques

Pg 4 - Cats with Elves - Fairies- Fantasy Creatures

Pg 5 - Victorian & Deco Funny Cat Signs and Cat Welfare Signs

Pg 6 - Vintage Kitty Albums - Cat Accessories - Guardian Cat Fairies

Pg 7 - The Holidays including Birthday and Special Occasions

Pg 8 - Halloween: Cats with Witches and other Frightful Creatures

Pg 9 - Signs of the Zodiac, Mermaids, and all that is Mystical

Pg 10 - Blinkies: Big Bold Victorian and Deco Cat Blinkies

Pg 11 - Joker the Cat and his Fantasy Masks

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Pg 1 - Cats, Cats, and More Cats

Pg.2 - Cats, Cats, ... and Even More Cats

Pg 3 - Marvin Mouse

Pg 4 - The Cat Fairies

Pg 5 - Animated Cat Alphabets

Pg 6 - The Cat Divas

Pg 7 - Rainbow Bridge, Angels, Heaven

Pg 8 - Fantasy Gates:   Cats, Elves, Fairies, Holidays

Pg 9 - Glamour-Puss, The Cat Who Loves Phones

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While you are viewing these graphics, thousands of cats are being euthanized across the United States because no one wants them and there isn't enough money or space for the shelters to care for them. Many more are suffering and leading lives of quiet desperation on the streets, where if they don't die a painful death from starvation or the elements, they are burned, mutilated and terrorized by thrill seekers. Others silently sit caged in laboratories awaiting a horrific made-made fate that God did not intend for them.

Spay/Neuter is the most important thing you can do to make a difference.

For low cost Spay/Neuter in your area call 1-800 321-PETS.

For more information on low cost spay/neuter visit our links page.
spay and neuter

Spay and Neuter That's impossible...I've been neutered It's OK. I've been neutered. Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter Spread the word... Spread the word... There are not enough homes...Spay and Neuter
4 matching Calling Cards

Seeking Dance Partner. Must Be Neutered Have you been neutered?
3 matching animated images
Be kind...Spay and Neuter
2 matching Calling Cards
and... matching sign
Low Cost Spay/Neuter
Matching Calling Card

witch turns cat into neutered prince
Ermine and Merlin, from the
Imagine This series
If your pet won't wear a condom...get him fixed
Brut, from the
Imagine This series
There are not enough homes.Spay and Neuter
Matching Calling Card
He's cute...but he's not neutered

Many are not this lucky...Spay and Neuter
matching card
Teach them about spay/neuter
matching card
Teach them about Spay/Neuter Spay/Neuter. It's in style If you love them Spay and Neuter

Born to Die.
Sleepy, from the
Imagine This series
Fairy: Spay and Neuter
matching alphabet
Devil: Even I agree...Spay & Neuter If you love them...Spay and Neuter
Bruno from the
Imagine This series
I like them handsome...and neutered
Glamour-Puss, from the
Imagine This series

If you love your pets Spay and Neuter Low Cost Spay/Neuter
Glamour-Puss from the
Imagine This series
One momma cat and her litter... I'm going where? To get neutered.
Killer from the
Imagine This series

Oppose the Death Penalty...
Dreamer, from the
Imagine This series
Real men spay and neuter their pets. Fairy: Do Good Deeds...Spay and Neuter
Full size fairy --- Web Set
Have a heart... Spay and Neuter

cats : Ask him if he's been neutered It's in Style
Matching alphabet
I worry about future generations...Spay and Neuter Make a difference...Spay and Neuter
3 matching cards
There are 7 Spay/Neuter signs in the "Imagine This!" Series

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