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A place where fantasy meets reality via A nickelodeon that plays more than music.

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Hear the music? It's coming from the "Can Cats Dance?" page in the Cat Cafe nickelodeon. See the cats through the window? The one wearing the red fedora is Alex. He manages the Cat Cafe and makes the nickelodeon buttons.

The year is 2019 ... The city is New York.

What you are about to see is suddenly taking place in many cities across the USA.

Cat Cafe catsAnimated music barcat cafe nickelodeon
These days, banana splits are a thing of the past and cappuccino is in... and the favorite haunts of well heeled kitties are those cat cafes with old-time nickelodeons that are suddenly popping up all along Main Street USA. Cat Cafes? Yes! Cat Cafes! Only difference is that their nickelodeons are magic. They play cat pages along with the music. But even more amazing than any of this is the fact that in one city after another, both humans and felines are beginning to share the same language!

cartoon DiabellaThe Cat Cafe is a collection of cat pages comprised of fantasy, reality, and the unexpected. Because these pages are too small to have their own buttons on the Diabella Loves Cats home page we sell them to Alex for the Cat Cafe.

Lets go inside and have some fun playing their nickelodeon while I deliver these new pages. Oh, not to worry. They'll let us in. They know me. I'm the one who creates the cat pages for their nickelodeon.

Alex makes the nickelodeon buttons. He's the one who has the final say on the pages. That cat is my biggest critic. Last week I offered him a page that mentioned dogs and he hissed at me! Always gossiping about my work, that crazy cat. Ready? Come on. Let's go in!

Cats inside Cat Cafe
" Hey, girlfriend, did you see the latest page about the devil and the cat? I wonder what new pages Diabella will bring for our nickelodeon today."

"Speaking about Diabella, here she is with a bag full of new pages... and visitors! Guess I'm gonna have to start making more buttons. Are you paying attention to me, or are you too busy day dreaming?

Order me a Friskie-burger and a side of fries while I attend to business. Will ya?"

Cat Cafe Nickelodeon
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Cat Grooming button   Join the king of the Jungle in his never-ending search for wine
Can Cats Dance? button  Can cats dance? I'm convinced, but I'll let you be the judge!
Do Cats Dream? button   Sure they do! Enter Red-Devil's tail-twitching dream!
Cat and the Fairy Forest button   The cat was to rid the forest of the evil crow but somehow he...
Fish Bowl button  Ever wonder what your cat *really* sees in the fish bowl?
Devil's Delusion button  The cat glared at the devil with cold icy eyes and in a thin frosty voice...
Spay Neuter Witch button  An important message from the Spay/Neuter Witch
Kitten Growth Chart button  Learn about the many phases and stages of kitten growth
Age Comparison Chart button   See how old your cat is in human years
Cat Retirement Homes button   What will become of kitty when you are no longer around?
Pet Medical Insurance button  Learn about coverage. It makes a whole lot of sense!
Halloween button  Outside the window what seems to be a huge black bird...
Cat Poetry button  Diabella's Cat Poetry by Candlelight
Esmerelda the Gypsy Cat button  When she learned why King Kat wore that crown she fainted!
Koko Loves Kittens button  A talking gorilla and her beloved kitties. Very tender images.
Cafe End   A final word from kitty Alex
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