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The Devil's Delusion

flames of Hell

Devil and cat on ice covered rocks Once more, the snow began to fall. The Prince of Darkness sat on the ice covered rock not knowing how he got there... not knowing what to make of the situation.

To the right of him was another ice covered rock a bit smaller than the one he was sitting on... and on it sat a wide-eyed white cat in a purple dress.

Hard to believe what I'm thinking, the devil thought to himself. During my visit to earth to capture lost souls it appears that Hell has frozen over! Wasn't that just an expression the humans used? Or could Hell have really frozen over???

So cold his behind was that he knew he would be unable to sit there for long... but for some reason he was frozen to the mound of ice and unable to move.

Devil frozen to ice covered rock plots his escape from earthThe chunk of ice that the cat sat on seemed to be getting smaller. It was now melting and shrinking by the moment which perplexed him. Maybe it was this thing humans called global warming, he thought to himself. Maybe in time the ice under me will melt away too!

The more he pondered the situation, the more worried he became. He had to figure out a way to break the sheet of ice beneath him so that he could return to The Gates of Hell to rule his kingdom.

With all of his strength he furiously began to stab his pitchfork into the rock. But it was hopeless. The prongs of the fork didn't even make a dent in the ice. He had to think of another way to get home.

The cat, reading his mind, as all cats can do, sat there silenly and smiled. She glared at him with cold icy eyes and in a thin frosty voice she said:

cat tells devil not to worry because... buffet table at wedding

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