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cat - fish bowlDo you ever wonder why your cat gazes into the fish bowl for hours on end? Have you ever caught your cat talking to the fish?

When you look into the fish bowl, do you think you see what your cat sees? Is it the fish he is talking to?

Or is it possible that deep within the bowl, unseen by human eyes, there's a pathway to the tropical blue waters of the Caribbean Sea?

seaweedDancing ladyMusicianMusicianfish...Tropical ladybubbles
Below you'll see what your cat may be seeing...

cupid, fish, frogs in fish bowl

Lady rides whale in fish bowl

diver, sunken chest in fish bowl

Man rowing boat in fish bowlshark

Mermaids in fish bowlalligatorbubbles

Mermaids in fish bowlalligator wants mermaid bubbles

Neptune and mermaid in fish bowl

Tropical people rowing boat in fish bowl

cat at table with cat food

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