Save the Cats and Dogs at the AC&C

(Animal Care and Control of NYC)

Can you look into these eyes and turn away? Someone did!

The cat shown above is one of 45,000
animals that was euthanized at the AC&C in one year.

Cat praying       THE AC&C STORY
The cats and dog shown above were rescued from the AC&C and placed into good homes. That is not the fate of the majority of animals entering the pound. Almost 100 healthy and loveable animals are euthanized every day at the AC&C. Many are momma cats and their nursing litters. Momma cats and their litters cannot be held at the pound, nor can they be put up for adoption. Many of the cats are abandoned pedigrees. Highly adoptable Maine Coons, Persians and Siamese, and wonderful domestic short and long hairs arrive daily and are euthanized daily! These felines are all condemned to die without intervention. The animals do not have the luxury of time on their side. Help is needed NOW.

Fewer than 20% of the dogs and cats that arrive at the AC&C survive. Before they die, these animals languish in crumbling facilities. More than 100,000 healthy, adoptable animals have been needlessly killed, frozen and burned since 1995. The AC&C does minimal advertising to promote adoptions. The Village Voice called the AC&C "The cruelest animal rescue system in the country."

Once euthanized the dead animals are piled in bins, rolled into a freezer and picked up by trucks from the Pet Crematory Agency. Because there are so many forgotten animals, the agency is forced to operate two animal cremation ovens, eight hours a day, to burn 600 pounds of dogs and cats an hour for the AC&C and other shelters. Aside from a handful of local rescue groups, there is currently no-one rescuing cats from AC&C. This is a total disgrace to a city that prides itself in having lots of "cat lovers."

Cat praying      HELP THE AC&C HELP THE CATS
AC&C Links
Search the AC&C website for Adoptable Animals
Give a cat or dog a temporary home by joining the AC&C Foster Program
Contribute to the AC&C for the welfare of the animals by Donate Online

In addition to rescuing cats from the streets of New York and providing them with food, shelter and medical care until they are placed into permanent homes, these groups have been working with the AC&C for years to remove and save as many cats as possible. Due to the escalating number of abandoned cats, help is now desperately needed. Space and funds are dangerously low which means that only the small number of cats that can be cared for can be saved. The most oppressive problem for these groups is that they do not have room to rescue additional cats until homes are found for the ones they are currently fostering.
Muffins Pet Connection Brooklyn(718) 833-7988
Sean Casey Animal Rescue Brooklyn(718) 436-5163
Bobbi and the Strays Queens(718) 845-0779
New Yorkers for Companion Animals (NYCA)Manhattan(212) 427-8273
Last Chance Animal Rescue Southhampton, NY (631) 478-6844

In addition to the above groups who are located in New York, we must mention Hurricane Pets Rescue in Florida.
Hurricane Pets Rescue (HPR) was founded in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and began as a disaster relief organization for animals. It is run by Celene Albano, CEO.

Their mission is first and foremost to rescue homeless animals both locally and NATIONWIDE, whether it be from a disaster zone, or from imminent death in a pound.

The cats in their local care come to them through a wide range of circumstances. Most are in acute situations that require immediate intervention, and many are on death row in their local pound. Once rescued, their medical needs are addressed immediately. They are then placed in one of their foster homes, or in their small cat sanctuary in Miami.

Although they are located in Florida they pull cats and dogs from pounds across the country (including many from the AC&C) and can help you adopt from your local pound regardless of where you are in the U.S. Some of their cats currently up for adoption are listed on their web site and some are at Petfinder.
If you are looking for a specific kind of cat or dog, Celene may be able to help you find the pet in your area as she works with many pounds and shelters across the country. She did this today (5/24/15) for my friend by locating Sasha at the AC&C in New York, putting a "hold" on her, and arranging the adoption. Hurricane Pets Rescue does not receive funds from the government. They rely heavily on donations from the public. 100% of the donations go to the care and well being of their animals. Please help support them by Donating.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

The Mayer's Alliance for NYC's Animals is committed to seeing the day when no New York City dog or cat of reasonable health and temperament is killed merely because he or she does not have a home.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, is the sole umbrella organization for animal welfare in NYC. Since 2003, they have been working with their coalition of 150+ rescue groups and shelters to find homes for thousands of New York City's dogs and cats. Their goal is to transform New York City into a no-kill community where no dogs or cats of reasonable health or temperament are killed simply because they do not have homes.

Their 2013 Progress Report listing over 25,000 animals saved since they began in 2003 is very encouraging.

Cat praying       HOW YOU CAN HELP
Spay and Neuter Your Pets. It is the single most important thing you can do to make a difference! While you are viewing this page, thousands of cats and dogs are being euthanized across the United States because no one wants them and there isn't enough money or space for the shelters to care for them. It's a simple, surgical procedure that also prevents a host of bad behavior problems. Neutered males have much less of a territorial instinct to spray, fight or roam. Spayed females won't go into heat and are far less likely to develop many illnesses including breast cancer.

You can promote Spay and Neuter on your website with one of the 42 Free Spay/Neuter Cat Graphics that we've created. A few are shown below. Our Spay/Neuter Dog Graphics are in our Dog Graphics section. Please do not take any of the images from this page.


Adopt directly from the AC&C, or from a group that rescues from the AC&C.
Be responsible and have a heart. Do not abandon your pets!
To better understand and care for your cat both physically and emotionally, visit our Links section.

Please help the AC&C cats and dogs win their God given right to life. One or two saved may seem like a drop in the bucket in relation to the staggering numbers being euthanized, but each and every life saved is reason to celebrate.

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