Guardian of THE Circuslion playing drums
Because the awards we offer are scattered throughout the site this page was created to enable you view all of them at a glance. They are not only for cat sites. Click on each award to visit the page it originates from.

The Handsome Award

Enter the heavens, meet Angel Ariella and the Moonbabies who watch over Handsome, and learn what it takes to win our top award.
Guardian of Circusthe Handsome Award

The Keeper of the Stars Award

Handsome's Angel Ariella, Keeper of the Stars award will sprinkle stardust on your web page for good luck.
Guardian of CircusKeeper of the Stars Award

The Kings Highway Cat Rescue Caring Heart Award

This award is for those who possess humanity, kindness, and caring hearts.
Guardian of CircusKings Highway Cat Rescue Caring Heart Award

The Red-Devil Award

When Red-Devil is not preening in the mirror he is on the lookout for hot sites. Click on the award to visit him and apply.
Guardian of Circusthe Red-Devil Award

Count Dracula's Double Fang Award

This award is for any site that is well executed with interesting content. Click on the award to meet Count Dracula and to apply.
Count Dracula's Double Fang Award

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