Handsome and Angel Ariella in forest

Handsome ... The Cat From Heaven


Dear Handsome:

Didn't intend to adopt another cat that day. While busy selling jewelry at the Kings Highway Cat Rescue Annual Thanksgiving Flea Market I went downstairs to the cat area to visit the crew.

The sight of you caught my breath. There you were in all your splendor atop the highest shelf in the pen. A 15 lb long-haired rugged tux with gigantic polydactyl mittens and a plume of a tail... terrified and trying to hide from the kitty on the shelf below who was tugging on your feathered tail. They named you "Handsome" because you were just that.

I learned that you were about 5 years old and that you had been brought into the rescue by a kind woman who fed strays in her yard. She told the rescuers that you were never able to fill your belly as the other cats chased you from the food. It was love at first sight and you went home with me that very day. We didn't have enough time together. It wasn't meant to be.

In late December you took ill. Our vet said that your system was shutting down and suggested euthanizing you. I got you out of there real quick. As soon as we reached home I telephoned my rescuer friends, Phil and Sheilah who insisted upon taking you to their vet on Long Island and drove in to get you.

It was the week before Christmas. I never saw you again. It was Sheilah who held you and sang to you softly while the vet administered that lethal injection. I am sorry that I was not there to say goodbye.

I haven't forgotten you. How could I ever? Will remember many things about you. But most of all I will remember your gentle nature. Will never forget the day I made you that silly, just-for-fun red tie-dyed T-shirt. You walked around the house wearing it for hours and didn't complain for a moment.

A year later I came upon a long-haired tux who reminded me so much of you.

Count Dracula did not turn out to be a charmer. Wish you were here to give him a few lessons. You were my "cat from heaven" and now you are back where you belong. May the Moon Babies keep watch over you.

Moonbabies watch over Handsome

Handsome was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).
To learn more about this disease see the Directory
of Diseases and Conditions on our Links page.

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The Handsome Award This award is a tribute to those who have made a dramatic difference in the welfare of earth's creatures, and to the modern day crusaders who passionately and tirelessly strive for a better tomorrow.
Keeper of the Stars Award - Angel Ariela This award goes out to those who have shown compassion and respect towards the creatures of planet earth, and who have extended a helping hand.

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