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Cat E-Cards made by The Red Witch

Who is the Red Witch?
The Red Witch lives in the Village of Witchville in the State of New York. She makes greeting cards by day and attends to the welfare of pets when the sun goes down. Each night when the moon appears she takes on the role of the Spay-Neuter Witch and flies all over the world to spread her message. See her in flight at the top of our Home Page and also in The Cat Cafe. Here is how she spends her days.
Red Witch sleeping Red Witch wakes up puts light on Red Witch on toilet Red Witch - mirror
Red Witch cleans litter box Red Witch feeds cat Red Witch - breakfast Red Witch makes cat Ecard

Pricing for the Cat E-Cards and E-Postcards

Have you ever been too busy to search for a greeting card? Now you can own cards that you can use forever, and because you insert them into the recipient's E-mail they get them right away. You can also print them for mailing by the postal service. They make wonderful personalized gifts.
Because the Red Witch has asked us to make the cards affordable we've priced them very low. Once purchased they are yours to use forever.

Prices include your name. They can be placed in the Fairy Forest card holder as seen in the first card. Postcards already have a smaller holder. E-mail us if you have questions or want to order.
1-2 cards .................... $7 each
3-4 cards .................... $6 each
5 cards and up ............ $5 each
Email us
star Below is the Fairy Forest Holder. The E-Postcards are already in the smaller version of the holder.
Birthday Greeting ecard-Fairy Forest holder

Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Ecard
Birthday cat Epostcardcat Birthday e_postcard
Birthday cat EpostcardBirthday cat Epostcard
arrow  The cards are yours to use forever once you purchase them but they are our copyright.

They were created to be sent as greeting cards in e-mails, or to be printed for mailing by the post office or for stationery, or for crafts. Any other use is an infringement of our copyright. Do not post them on any web site for any reason, and do not resize them, or remove your name or the Red Witch name, or alter them in any way.

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