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Bar: Tropicana the cat and mouse

Tropicana after a bathTropicana joined us when he was a few months old. He was rescued from the roof of a six story building after the superintendent spotted him racing around the ledge and called Kings Highway Cat Rescue for help. One slip and he could have fallen to his death. The President of the rescue, brought him here after she learned that Katzenberg went to the bridge and that we had room for a cat who needed a home. This kitty arrived with ringworm and needed many medicated baths. Here he is after one of those baths.

I was warned that he was inquisitive, into everything, and a real terror. He was quiet that first day, but as soon as he settled in things changed. I've never met a cat with so much determination, or one this naughty and brazen. Nor have I ever had a cat that talked to and fought with statues and cookie jars. Tropicana does not like when I raise my voice. If I scold him or move him away from what he is attacking he either strikes at me over and over with what seems like a motorized paw, or he wraps both paws tightly around my ankle and bites. He is so intent on getting even that if I try to walk to break his hold on my leg he grabs on tighter and shrieks as he drags along the floor attached to me.

Paw up. ready to attack Here his claws are out on one paw, the other paw is ready to strike, and he has the crazy look that he gets when he's ready to attack. This time he was about to kill the camera because he didn't like the flash. Tropicana is basically sweet and is somewhat affectionate. Unlike Dracula who can be dangerous, when Tropicana attacks it's more part mischief and part "I'll show you who's boss around here!" He has excess energy and is very destructive and vocal. He also has strange litter box habits. He never steps inside the box! He will now take over and continue to narrate... and I hope we can get through this page without him inviting you into the bathroom, because he enjoys being watched while he does his business.

Bar: Tropicana and mouse

Tropicana Welcome to my home! Even though I'm a naughty kitty, I am affectionate and friendly most of the time. I have big paws which have helped me destroy many things around here. Today I beat up three vintage cookie jars and killed them all by pushing them off the refrigerator in one shot!

When I'm not busy looking for things to break or fight with, I enjoy shredding paper or jumping on Diabella and the other cats and hitting them.

Tropicana Here I was resting on the desk daydreaming about an evil mouse. Tropicana daydreaming about miceevil mouse

Tropicana There was a container of paper clips on the desk. I pushed it with my nose until it fell to the floor. It's fun to push things off the furniture. Tropicana aking mischief on desk

Tropicana The kitchen is my favorite room for making trouble. Here I was getting ready to push the paperweights off the windowsill, but I got caught in the act. This window has a big black iron window gate. During the day I stick my paw through the bars and wave to the people in the street. Cat pushing paperweights off the windowsill

Tropicana There are all kinds of things to attack around here. This fat lady always sits on the kitchen counter. I yell at her and hit her often. I can't figure out why she never hits me back with that rolling pin. One good thing is that even though my food is right under the counter, she never eats any of it. Aunt Jemimah cookie jar

Tropicana the cat Here I was trying to figure out how to get a cat out of the picture frame and that fat lady was laughing at me behind my back. That made me angry. cat: Tropicana

Can you see that?

There's a cat stuck in there under the glass!

tropicana This old man has a big white ruff of fur just like I do, but I always hit him anyway.

Tropicana In this picture I was sneaking towards the counter because I spotted an open can of tuna. Tropicana

Tropicana This lady is not very nice. Just look how low cut her dress is! I didn't mean to stare but I couldn't help it. Tropicana

Tropicana Whenever there's noise on the ceiling, I climb up to investigate.

Sometimes I hear human voices and footsteps up there, but I never see anyone.

Tropicana I used to love to stretch out and snooze in this old oak doll bed... but because I eat a lot I've grown so large that my body no longer fits in it. Tropicana

Tropicana See how hard I'm trying? Sometimes I get so frustrated about not being able to stretch out that I whine and shriek. I'd fit if I curled up into a ball, but I don't want to curl up into a ball. I need to stretch out like a king and I'll keep trying till dooms day. Tropicana

Tropicana Time out! I need to go to the bathroom. Want to come along and see my game of "Ready - Aim - Fire?"

I bet "your" cat can't use the litter box without stepping inside it!

Tropicanacat guardian fairyThe Naughty Cat Fairy

TropicanaI'm gonna do it! C'mon... follow me!

Tropicana in litter boxTropicana doing his business in litter boxAn embarrassed cat

Diabella So, it looks like this crazy cat really did his business in front of our visitors despite the fact that I warned him never to do this. Well, it doesn't surprise me but I do apologize. I'm going to pin this bad cat medal on his bed right now!Bad Cat Medal

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