Diabella's Vintage Cat Graphics

What's better than a cat? A dressed cat!

We've created unique, vividly colorful dressed cat graphics with messages of cat welfare as well as funny messages. Cat calling cards, Rainbow Bridge graphics, cats with angels-fairies-elves, cat blinkies, animated cats, cat alphabets, and so much more.

Index #1 - Cat Calling Cards:   Our graphics began with the Cat Calling Cards with messages to convey the endearing nature of cats and to promote their welfare.

Index #2 - The "Imagine This" Series:   Over 100 dressed cats including character cats, Jasmine's 60's fashion show, vintage cat care signs, masks, cat blinkies and more.

Index #3 - Animated Cat Graphics:   Rainbow Bridge, cat alphabets, cat fairies, holiday cats, the mischievous Marvin Mouse and more.

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Matching Web Set
Matching Cat Calling Cards
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Index #1 ... Cat Calling Cards


The World of the Cat   1  -   2

Cat Calling Cards with messages. Whimsical funny cards. As in all of our graphics, many of the cards contain cat welfare messages.

The Cat Calling Cards are not E-cards. They are for web page use only. Our Red Witch Cat E-cards are here .

Number of images on Pg 1: 55

Number of images on Pg 2: 47
Spay / Neuter Cards

Spay/Neuter cards with cats and fantasy women, fairies, children and more with messages such as:

"Spay & Neuter: It's in Style"

"Oppose the Death Penalty: Spay & Neuter"

Number of images: 43
Children and Women with Cats

Adorable children and mesmerizing beauties from long ago and far away share their thoughts on cats.

Among the beautiful women we've created a few strange looking old maids.

Number of images: 53
Cat Calling Card Web Sets

Web site sets with messages. Some with backgrounds reminiscent of vintage doilies and 60's tie-dyes:

Here is Your Cat web sets, Rainbow Bridge web sets & more. The buttons at the left are from 3 of the sets.

Number of sets: 13

Get a custom made 10 piece web site set with your site name. See the web sets we've started.

Index #2 ... The "Imagine This" Series


The Cast of Cats

Dressed cats, each with a different purr-sonality. This is Mayor, Jezebella, Mr. Wrong, and my favorite... Killer.

Choose your favorites and look for them throughout the 3 indexes. Or place them side by side. Or pair them up with our Guardian Cat Fairies and cat accessories which you'll find in this index.

Number of images: 116
Jasmine's Vintage 60's Fashion Show

Savor the Flavor of The 60's! Jasmine models groovy retro fashions: tee-shirts, psychedelic dresses, disco and hippie tops, bathing suits, cowboy boots, jeans, jewelry, gypsy gauze skirts and more.

Number of images: 88
Vanity Models Her Tee-shirt Collection    

Vanity loves her Tee-shirts.

All kinds of tee shirts from funny tee-shirts to animal welfare tee-shirts.

Number of images: 32
Cats with People, and at Home with Antiques

The cats interact with humans. Among them, Killer and his guardians Tillie and Millie. Here you see Killer with Tillie.

You'll also see other cats at home with humans, antiques, and at computers and TV's.

Number of images: 58
Cats with Elves - Fairies - Fantasy Creatures - Animals

See Spiffy make a deal with the devil for 8 cans of tuna.

Meet A feline Roman Gladiator and other fantasy creatures.

See Cola the cat give castor oil to an ape.

Number of images: 25
Victorian & Deco Funny Cat Signs and Cat Welfare Signs

Colorful Victorian and Art Deco cat welfare signs and funny signs.

Number of images: 62
Vintage Kitty Albums - Cat Accessories - Guardian Cat Fairies

Vintage kitty photo albums including Rainbow Bridge albums.

Cat Accessories like cat food, litter box, cat toys and more.

Meet the Guardian Cat Fairies: The Catnip Fairy, and 9 others.

Number of images: 44
Holidays, Birthday, and Special Occasions

Ever wonder how cats celebrate birthdays or holidays, or if they even know they exist?

Sure they do!

Number of images: 49
Halloween Cat Graphics

Halloween has its own page.

Cats with witches, vampires, Frankenstein, gremlins, and other frightful creatures!

Number of images: 74
Signs of the Zodiac and all that is Mystical

A wonderful large image of a Fortune Teller and cat and 12 smaller images of them with your zodiac sign... plus mystical images such as cats with mermaids, elves, fairies.

Number of images: 36
Cat Blinkies

Big Bold Victorian and Deco Cat Blinkies.

The cats star in colorful cat welfare, holiday, and funny blinkies. At the left you see Slenderella and Fancy,

Number of images: 70
Joker the Cat and his Fantasy Masks

Joker loves masks!

We've made him all kinds of masks. So many that he has a hard time choosing.

Number of images: 87

Index #3 ... Animated Cat Graphics


Animated Cats, Cats, and More Cats

Animated cats shopping, in litter box, on the toilet, applying rouge, sewing, singing, dancing and more.

Number of images: 52
Animated Cats, Cats... and Even More Cats

Even more animated cats! Jumping rope, frying fish and more.

Includes cats and the Magic Ball. See their wishes come true.

Number of images: 45
Animated Marvin Mouse
Marvin Mouse, the most mischievous mouse on the planet, does not like cats! You will see how he loves to tease them.

You'll also meet some of his mouse friends and relatives.

Marvin has his own alphabet.

Number of images: 50 plus alphabet.
Animated Cat Fairies

All kinds of Cat Fairies

The Cat Fairies of Neverland
The Wee Cat Fairies
The Flower Cat Fairies
The Fruit Cat Fairies
The Sea Cat Fairies

Number of images: 44
Animated Cat Alphabets

Use one cat alphabet, or mix several as we did here. We've added links to some of the matching images for each alphabet.

Number of cat alphabets: 8
Animated Cat Divas!

Glamorous fabulous felines in their finest clothes to pretty up your web pages.

At the end of their page you'll see why they are all dressed up.

This cat diva is Vanity.

Number of images: 42
Animated Rainbow Bridge, Angels, Heaven

Not only for Rainbow Bridge pages.

There are many beautiful angels and inspirational graphics which can be used on other web pages.

Number of images: 65

Animated Fantasy Gates

Gates with cats, elves, fairies, holidays.

...Fairy Land
...CatFairy Land
...Rainbow Bridge

and more.

Number of images: 20

Glamour-Puss, The Cat Who Loves Phones

Glamour-Puss is a very naughty cat!

When her human leaves the house she loves to make all kinds of phone calls.

Number of images: 32

Graphics are for personal and shelter/rescue web sites only. Do Not Use Them For Any Other Reason.
Please read full Terms of Use at top of page before downloading anything.
Credit must be shown with the graphics banner to protect our copyright.


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