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Can Cats Dance?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if cats could speak? Or dance? Or wear clothes?

Have you ever wondered what your cats do after the lights go out?
I thought I was having the strangest dream last night. It all began with a veil of puffy white clouds drifting across a blue sky. Somewhere in the distance a mesmerizing tune was playing.

Within moments the clouds parted and two of our cats appeared. Katzenberg looked quite dapper in his tall brown boots, and Glamour-Puss was attired in a ruffled gown that looked like streaks of pink cotton candy as she danced around an old-tyme nickelodeon. A little mouse appeared out of nowhere wearing a yellow sequin ballerina costume. As I remember it, Katz was trying to teach Glamour-Puss a new dance, and the mouse kept interrupting.

Upon awakening I quickly realized that this was more than a dream. At first I couldn't understand why the tune that belonged to the dream was still playing in my head. That is, I couldn't understand it until I passed the living room and noticed that the tune was actually coming from our vintage nickelodeon. And out of the corner of my eye, here is what I saw. Although my vision was blurred from sleep, I am sure of what I saw. Cats *can* dance... and maybe one day, when you least expect it, you'll be lucky enough to see *your* cat dance.

NickelodeonCat dancing dancing cat
A little more rhythm. Don't you have rhythm in your soul, Glamour-Puss?

nickelodeonCat dancingdancing cat
Like this, Katzenberg? Is this any better?

nickelodeon Cat dancing dancing cat
That's almost right. Loosen up a bit. Try moving your head to the music. Like this.

nickelodeonmouse ballet dancerCat dancingdancing cat
Watch me, Glamour-Puss. Move your foot like this.

nickelodeonmouse ballet dancerdancing cat
Who invited you, mouse? Go back in your hole.

nickelodeonDancing catCat dancingmouse ballet dancer
Ignore that mouse! Get behind me and watch my head from the back. And don't step on my tail! Sometimes you can be a bit clumsy.

nickelodeonCat dancingMouse ballet dancerDancing cat
Hey, Katzenberg! Mr. Know-it-All! Who are you calling clumsy? I'll do this dance my way and have just as much fun, thank you!

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