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KITTY VILLAGE... A Victorian retirement home with  happy kitties playing on the roof. They are purring because they are glad to be alive and cared for. Your cat can have the same good fortune if you plan ahead. Why A Retirement Home?

Because although well-meaning friends and family may promise to care for kitty after you are gone, when it comes down to it many find it a nuisance and it is possible that kitty will end up in the pound.

When To Think About It? Now. When you are able to.

What will become of your cat if you can no longer care for it? Following is a list of just a few of the organizations that, with advance planning, will take your cat in and care for it permanently should you become incapacitated or die.

Some of these organizations will arrange to take in long distance cats. Some base their fee on the cat's life expectancy, while others have a set fee. Although this service can be costly, if you can afford it there is no better way to provide for your cat's future. If the idea of a retirement home is of interest to you, act now. Waiting lists are usually long. More and more shelters are now beginning to look into retirement programs. The listing below is by no means complete and was compiled only to give you an idea of what is available. For information on homes in your area, contact the Veterinarian Association, your local animal protection agency, or no-kill animal shelter.

There are sanctuaries across the U.S. that take in homeless cats, and it is possible that some of them will work out individual accommodations. However, the listings in the chart below are organizations with specific retirement programs. If you worry that a retirement home means that your cat will live out its life in a cage, please look at the information below the chart. To give you an idea of how most of these homes operate, and how your cat will be cared for, we have investigated The Bide-A-Wee which is in our area. It goes without saying that you must investigate any facility that you are considering. It is difficult to foresee what tomorrow will bring. By planning ahead you can shape the future for your cat and provide a happy ending for a faithful friend.

State City Organization Comments
CA Laguna Beach Bluebell Foundation for Cats Takes in cats whose owners have died or can not care for them. Pre-arranged contribution program.
CA Mountain Center Living Free Animal Sanctuary Continuing Care program: Owners can prearrange for their cats to either live out their lives here, or be adopted out.
CO Lakewood Cat Care Society Owners can prearrange for their cats to either live out their lives here, or be adopted out.
IL Crystal Lake Assisi Animal Foundation Provides life-long care for cats if owner dies or can no longer care them.
NJ Forked River Animal Haven Farm Life-long care shelter that was organized to allow surviving pets to live out their lives in peace.
NY Calverton Kent Animal Shelter Life-long care. Fee: $5,000
NY Wantagh North Shore Animal League Safe Haven Program: Life-long care. Fee: $5,000 in the form of a will, life insurance policy, trust fund or donation.
NY West Hampton *Bide-A-Wee Golden Years retirement Home: New state of the art facility. Life-long care. Fee: $10,000. Good Samaritan Program offers several free or subsidized "scholarship" accommodations.

*The Bide-A-Wee Golden Years Retirement Home:

(Bide-A-Wee is a Scottish phrase meaning "stay a while")

The Bide-A-Wee Home Association, founded in 1903, is a nationally recognized and respected humane organization whose mission has been to find homes for homeless cats and dogs. The Golden Years Retirement Home was built on their premises in 1997 to address the needs of the community. Understanding that not everyone can afford a $10,000 fee, they have made available their "Good Samaritan Program" which offers a limited number of spaces for those in need of a helping hand. The program can cover all or part of the entrance fee and is determined by the pet owner's financial circumstances. Funds to compensate for the expense of these spaces are obtained from gifts and bequests. Here are some of the features that kitty can look forward to:


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