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storybook - The Cat and the Fairy Forest
The fairies are long gone and the song-birds have been silenced. A testimony to what once was, all that remains of the lush, green forest are miles of ravished, dusty tree stumps. Some say that it happened because the forest was dense with catnip, while others are convinced that the cat was just being a cat.

The Fairies of The Fairy Forest...

The Evil Crow, and the Cat

pixie Magic Wand Fairy Berry Fairy Verdant Fairy Pussy Willow Fairy
Red Pixie Magic Wand Fairy Berry Fairy Verdant Fairy Pussy Willow Fairy
The Lavender Fairy The Good Fairy Freya Fairy of Wisdom The Evil Crow The Cat
The Lavender Fairy The Good Fairy Freya Fairy of Wisdom The Evil Crow The Cat

It is said that in a land long ago and far away there existed a very green, very magic forest. So magical this forest was, that mythical beings were etched into its tree trunks, and crimson sun-ripened berries clung to its branches year-round and perfumed the air. The forest was inhabited by song-birds...
Magic Wand Fairy bird   Berries Berries Berry Fairy

...and an evil crow whose burning desire was to claim the forest as his own
so that he could eat all of the berries.
Evil Crow yelling at fairies

Magic Wand Fairy pixie Verdant Fairy Berries

Although The Berry Fairy had tried to reason with the crow for centuries, explaining to him that there were enough berries for all to peacefully co-exist, the greedy crow was intent on driving the fairies out of the forest so that he could stamp his name on every last berry that hung from its huge branches.
Evil Crow warns fairy not to step on his berries Berries Berry Fairy Berries Berries

In the hopes of accomplishing this task, the crow endeavored to make terrible mischief by day... and once the sun set behind the trees, he would proceed to caw all through the night so that the fairies were unable to sleep.
Sun shines through trees The Good Fairy Freya Evil Crow making noise to disturb fairiesBerries

One day, after centuries of unsuccessful attempts to make peace with the crow, the fairies called a meeting and held council to come up with a final solution. It was The Fairy of Wisdom who came forth with the idea, and after lengthy discussions it was unanimously agreed that he had hit upon the perfect solution. Once and for all, harmony would be restored to the forest. "The cat.... an enemy of the crow by nature, and the cleverest of earth's creatures, would be invited into the forest." And not just any old cat, but the most rugged cat the village had to offer. The forest would soon be rid of the mischievous, greedy, evil crow.

Berry Fairy fairy discuss plan to get rid of Evil Crow Fairies decide to bring cat into forest to get rid of crow Pussy Willow Fairy

And so it came to pass that after many trips into the village, and after many interviews, a cat was chosen for the task and brought into the forest. The evil crow was not happy with the intruder, and from the top of a tree branch he immediately began to yell down to the cat.
Berries Evil Crow sees cat. Orders him out of forest

The Lavender Fairy.......... Verdant Fairy........ The Cat Berries

Proceeding with the business at hand, in a manner as calm and as cunning as only a cat can be, the cat did two things: First, he assured the crow that he didn't like berries. Then, he took the crow into his confidence and advised him that he had come to aid him in his efforts to rid the forest of the fairies. The cat told the crow that he had the purr-fect plan, and he promised the crow that by dusk every leaf and berry in the forest would belong to him.
The Evil Crow Animated Song-bird Berries
The Cat asks crow to come down from tree. Says he is here to help him claim all the berries. The Verdant Fairy Magic Wand Fairy

Upon hearing the cat's words, the evil crow puffed out his feathers and came forth with long, satisfied, laughing caws that echoed through the forest. He hopped down from the branch wearing a twisted grin, and attempted to shake the cat's paw as a gesture of camaraderie...
The Pussy Willow Fairy Crow comes down to befriend cat The Cat Berries

The cat grabbed the crow...

...and immediately did him in.
The Evil Crow is dead The cat kills him Berries Berries The Red Pixie

Whereupon he quickly devoured him.
The Lavender Fairy Berries Cat devours the Evil Crow Berries
So this was the end of the Evil Crow, but there's a bit more to the story...

The cat licked his chops in an attempt to savour every last morsel of the tasty meal. He lazily stretched his long sensuous body out on the grass to groom himself, and gazed up at the hot sun from the ground of his new home with a thoughtful expression. He looked around in all directions... and suddenly, with a wide, wicked smile and vacant eyes, he unsheathed his razor-sharp claws and pounced into mid-air. "Look at all of these wonderful scratching posts", he said. Then, one by one, his claws fiercely began to ravage every branch and every tree trunk in the forest. This he continued to do until his very last day on earth.
Sun Cat suddenly sees trees as scratching posts cat shreds all the trees

Storyteller, Diabella, with message

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