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An Affair of the Heart


On June 20, 2018, at the age of 46, Koko the gorilla quietly passed away in her sleep. She will be missed. We are keeping this page up in her honor.

An Affair of the Heart...

Koko has a smoke-gray, tail-less cat that she named "Smoky." Smokey is Koko's third cat. Now an adult, she still visits Koko when Penny is there to supervise. Smokey is pampered and adored by everyone at The Gorilla Foundation/ Her days are spent roaming the wooded grounds and lounging in the house and office.

Dr. Francine "Penny" Patterson of The Gorilla Foundation, has taught Koko to sign over 500 words using a modified form of American Sign Language. Koko loves Penny. She loves to paint pictures of the world around her. She loves her primate pals, Michael and Ndume. But most of all... Koko Loves Kittens!

Koko Gazes Tenderly at Another One of her Kittens

Established in 1976 by Dr. Francine "Penny" Patterson and Dr. Ronald Cohn, the Gorilla Foundation/ promotes the protection, preservation and propagation of gorillas. Project Koko, a primary focus of TGF/, involves teaching a modified form of American Sign Language to two lowland gorillas, Koko and Michael. Koko has a working vocabulary of over 500 signs and understands approximately 2,000 words of spoken English. Koko has a tested IQ of between 70 and 95 on a human scale, where 100 is considered "normal." By demonstrating the intelligence of gorillas, TGF/ can more effectively lobby for the humane treatment of captive animals and increased conservation efforts for those that are living in the wild.

And yet another kitten to love...

Do gorillas think?
Can they reason?
Do they have the same emotions that we have?

One only has to study these images to find the answer.

Koko's loving instincts towards cats invokes many strong feelings, thoughts and questions.

How is it that these 2 species, so biologically dissimilar, are capable of existing in such harmony?

In contrast, why is it that some humans, with all of their god-given intelligence and reasoning power, are oftentimes void of compassion toward their fellow creatures?

How can poachers hunt down and brutally kill the great ape for cheap "treasures" and bushmeat? Are they not aware that animals think, feel and form family structures?


...The first recorded gorilla sighting (by western civilization) was in the 5th century B.C. by a Roman explorer

...Gorillas live in groups of 3-30. They recognize each other by their faces and body shapes. Each gorilla has a unique nose print.

...Gestation is 8-1/2 months. There are typically 3-4 years between births. Lifespan is between 30-50 years.

...Gorillas eat some 200 types of leaves, tubers, flowers, fruit, fungus and some insects. Favorite foods include bamboo, thistles and wild celery. Gorillas do not drink water. They obtain all the moisture they need

...Gorillas are generally quiet. They are not physically capable of making the same sounds as humans. However, they generate about 25 distinct noises. Hooting can carry a mile through the forest and is usually exchanged between rival silverbacks. Other vocalizations include screams, grunts (indicating contentment) and high-pitched barks (indicating curiosity).

Many thanks to The Gorilla Foundation for the use of their photos and for paving a better tomorrow for one of earth's creatures.

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