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Halloween monster Fall has cast an eerie veil over the city. The wind whirling through the barren trees prints chilling shadows on the pavement below.

As I sit by the window watching the small ones at play my eyes begin to follow the little one in red who is busily coloring the sidwalk with purple chalk. And suddenly, it dawns on me...

Hallow's Eve is only hours away!

Halloween pumpkin I journey back to Halloweens gone bye as though encased in a time machine. Flashes of orange transform into a jack-o-lantern with a jagged smile.

I am once again filled with fascination and terror, with images of witches and beings unknown.

Wicked Witch Outside the window, what seems to be a huge black bird drifts closer and closer and at some point takes form.

An ugly, wrinkled, wicked witch! She has chosen me to cast her spell upon. We are face to face with only the window-pane sparing me from my fate.

Suspended in mid-air, she begins to tap on the glass with her broom. I tremble. Where to hide? Where to hide?

wicked witch and cat While seeking refuge I stumble over the cat and am jolted back to reality. My journey has ended. The broom, which was only a twisted branch, is still rhythmically tapping on the glass.

Darkness has dimmed the skyline. All is still. But what is to take place at the stroke of midnight when the souls come out to wander the earth?

Halloween is a state of mind. Witches are alive and well, and so are all beings that go bump in the night. It is only a matter of coming face to face with them.

Halloween Witch
May Halloween Forever Live In Your Heart

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