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Thank you for attending the Cat Dance Theatre. We hope you liked the performances. If you are wondering where Fatso is, he decided to visit the lounge for refreshments. All that cat thinks about is food. One day he is going to explode. On a more serious note...

We are among the lucky ones. Countless numbers of cats and dogs silently await their turn on death row because no-one wants them. Others live out their short, miserable lives in desperation on the cold harsh streets without ever having known the comfort of a full belly or a human hand. You can help. Please adopt a shelter pet... and spay and neuter your pets.

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  Main Theatre Page
  Skinny Minnie & Max: The Chicken Dance
  Roxie: The Moon and Sun Dance
  Jasmine: The Alley Cat Dance
  Snowflake & Mayor: The Feather Dance
  Jazzy: A Modern Ballet Dance
  Diablo: The Halloween Dance
  Refreshments are now being served in the lounge
  Jezebella: The Honky Tonk Fan Dance
  Jazzy: The Christmas Dance
  Roxie The Happy Birthday Dance
  Roxie: A Disco Dance
  Jasmine: & Mr.BoJangles: The Romance Dance
  Fatso: The Cake Dance
  Curtain call. Message from cats at end of show.    

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