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cat   Currently there are no cat breed couples, but here is the Cat Graphics index

dressed male Beagle dressed female Beagle dressed male Boxer dressed female Boxer
Beagle Beagle Boxer Boxer

dressed male Border Collie graphic dressed female Border Collie dressed male Bulldog dressed female Bulldog
Border CollieBorder CollieBulldogBulldog

dressed male Chihuahua dressed female Chihuahua dressed male Cocker Spaniel dressed female Cocker Spaniel
ChihuahuaChihuahuaCocker SpanielCocker Spaniel

dressed male Collie dressed female Collie dressed male Dachshund dressed female Dachshund

dressed male German Shepherd dressed female German Shepherd dressed male Greyhound dressed female Greyhound
German ShepherdGerman ShepherdGreyhoundGreyhound

dressed Irish Setter male dressed Irish Setter female dressed Jack Russell Terrier male dressed Jack Russell Terrier female
Irish SetterIrish SetterJack Russell TerrierJack Russell Terrier

dressed Labrador male dressed Labrador female dressed Lhasa male dressed Lhasa female
Labrador RetrieverLabrador RetrieverLhasa ApsoLhasa Apso

dressed male Pekingnese dressed female Pekingnese dressed male Pit Bull dressed female Pit Bull
PekinesePekingesePit BullPit Bull

dressed male Poodle dressed female Poodle dressed male Saint Bernard dressed female Saint Bernard
PoodlePoodleSaint BernardSaint Bernard

Schnauzer male Schnauzer female Scottish Terrier male Scottish Terrier female
SchnauzerSchnauzerScottish Terrier (Scottie)Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

Siberian Husky male Siberian Husky female Springer Spaniel male Springer Spaniel female
Siberian HuskySiberian HuskySpringer SpanielSpringer Spaniel

Yorkshire Terrier male Yorkshire Terrier female
Every day millions of shelter dogs silently await their turn on death row because no-one wants them. You'll find many of these dog breeds among them. Please save a life. Adopt a shelter dog.

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